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2008 Presidential Election Forum (Video)


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  • This forum was moderated by Alenander P. Lamis, Case Associate Professor of Political Science, and featured two prominent campaign consultants, Robert Dykes and Lee Weingart. The focus of the forum will be primarily on the analysis and observations on the electoral races from November 2008, but will also include discussion on other races by undergraduate students from Professor Lamis's Presidential Election course. Original program took place on Wednesday October 29, 2008 from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. in Clark Hall, Room 309 at Case Western Reserve University. Alexander Lamis, Associate Professor of Political Science at Case Western Reserve University, is author of 'The Two Party South' (2nd edition, Oxford University Press, 1990), the first edition of which shared the Southern Political Science Association's V.O. Key Award. He is also co-editor of 'Ohio Politics' (2nd edition, Kent State University Press, 2007); and editor of 'Southern Politics in the 1990s' (Louisiana State University Press, 1999). Robert R. Dykes is the principle and CEO of the Triad Research Group. He is one of the most trusted consultants in Northeast Ohio's market research community. His distingushed reputation in the survey research field extends to both public and private sectors. Bob is quoted often in the media and has appeared frequently on local television and radio programs. Prior to founding TRIAD (formerly Decision Research Corporation), Bob worked in a research capacity for B.F. Goodrich Corporation, the City of Cleveland, and the Greater Cleveland Growth Association. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Case Western Reserve University. Lee C. Weingart is founder and president of LNE Group, one of the top advocacy and lobbying firms in Ohio. Headquartered in Cleveland, the firm has expanded to better serve clients with offices in Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo and Washington D.C.. Mr. Weingart and his professional team provide executive and legislative advocacy, government and public relations, fundraising and campaign management expertise and counsel. Mr. Weingart served as one of three county commissioners in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, one of the 30 largest counties in the country, from 1995 to 1997. At age 28, he was one of the youngest people ever to hold that position, and he is especially proud of his roles in turning a potential $120 million deficit into a $40 million surplus without any increase in taxes, and bringing NFL football back to Cleveland. He was County Chairman of the Taft for Governor campaign in 1998, and one of 215 national Pioneers in the 1999-2000 presidential campaign of then-Governor George W. Bush.
  • 2008-10-29
  • Center for Policy Studies, Case Western Reserve University
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