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Correspondence. Sawyer's Efforts to Have a Biography of Brush Written, 1948-1954 (Text)

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  • Typed and handwritten correspondence, internal memorandums, notes, clippings and reproductions from publications, postcard, from years 1960, 1961, and 1962, related to the life, career, interests, legacy and scientific works of Charles F. Brush, Sr., and the efforts of Charles Baldwin Sawyer to have the bibliography of Charles F., Sr. written. Internal memorandums from the office of Sawyer authored by Ruth Sebastian, secretary to Sawyer. Letters authored by or written to Sawyer, Sebastian, E. S. Lincoln, Carlton E. Tucker, F. W. Maxstadt, Robert J. Loeffler, Robert E. Schofield, John H. Hrones, James C. Hardie. Clippings and reproductions from publications, including Charles F. Brush and the First Public Electric Street Lighting System in America, by Mel Gorman, reprint from The Ohio Historical Quarterly, Volume 70, Number 2, April, 1961. Publicity release from Case Institute of Technology regarding the acquisition on indefinite loan of a collection of the personal and professional papers of Charles F., Sr. acquired through Sawyer. C. F. Brush Papers Put in Case Files, from the Plain Dealer, November 22, 1962. Typescript for A Proposed All Electric Museum Covering A Chronological History of Electricity, by E. S. Lincoln, dated June 21, 1960
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