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  • "My Contour Nouveau piece is an overall drawing about what we've been doing in class. In my piece you can see a kid sitting at a table working on his own artwork and another kid's hand holding up things so she can draw her own hand. I selected five different cellular designs to incorporate into my piece. They include red blood cells, stem cells, pansy petal cells, wood cells and streptococcus cells. I chose the red blood cells to pattern the flower pot because the flower pot was green. Green and red are complimentary colors and look good together. I chose the stem cells because they looked different and made the walls stand out. I chose the pansy petal cells because I wanted the flower petal to be made of flower cells. I chose the wood cells for the floor, as it made sense. Finally, I chose the streptococcus cells to design the boy's pants because I had gotten strep the week before we started our Art Nouveau project and I wanted to know what the virus looked like."
  • 2015-03-15
  • ksl:x633hq973
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